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Frisco Gun Club To Open Summer 2013

VIP-Loungeby Steven Doyle

What happens when you combine fine dining with your favorite pistol? No, it’s not a scene out of the Old West, instead it is Frisco Gun Club CEO Christian Putnam’s brainchild of luxury gun ownership. The club will offer 40 indoor shooting lanes, private members only lounge with upscale dining and meeting rooms, and a 100-person training/conference room.

The amenities and personalized service at Frisco Gun Club offers private members a once-in-a-lifetime gun club experience. The facility’s on-site gunsmiths provide the care and attention gun enthusiasts expect, as well as bonded gun storage, training and more.

The club is currently seeking out a chef for the facility which is located at 6565 Eldorado Parkway in Frisco.

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