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Observer’s Artopia Brought Fashion, Art And Music To Dallas Contemporary Museum

DSC05277by Erica Guajardo

As a past intern and a volunteer at the Dallas Contemporary Museum, it is always interesting to see what the current exhibitions will be used as a way to enhance events!  On Saturday, January 26, Artopia presented by Dallas Observer brought together some of the best culture, fashion, art, music, and food venues that Dallas has to offer.  One reason that the Dallas Contemporary Museum is a great place to host this event this year is because it recently just opened their new exhibition Dzine + Los Americanos.   

The collection features art, which pulls from the Baroque era, as well as signature items such as: custom low-riders, psychedelic paintings infused with quartz crystals, and contemporary chandeliers related to the Cathedrals in Austria. This exhibition is a great example of the detail and quality that an artist should give to their pieces when they have reach international status.

Along with the art, the event had a combination of great companies like Roma Boots, Spectified, and Red Mango intertwining their products with the pieces.  This event shined on the artistic side to each vender!  Grasping the idea of “Thinking outside the box”, much like the artist Dzine’s artwork that holds presence because of the untraditional mediums used. 

Other key highlights of the night were the live models, both on and off stage, as well as great music by Ish.  If you were not one of the lucky ones to attend this great event at the contemporary, be sure you do so next year!  For now, I would suggest visiting the current exhibition at Dallas Contemporary Museum, which is open to the public on most weekdays for FREE.

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