Bathtubs to Brewmaster: Firewheel Brewing Company

DSC00160by Hollie Dorethy

Brad Perkinson at the new FireWheel Brewing Company based in Rowlett, Texas, is taking the beer world on full force.  I caught up with him at the new Brix Bar and Grill in Plano.  After finishing the hand-made White Trash burger (which consists of a hand formed patty tossed in wing sauce, covered in bacon and jalapenos, then all topped with a fried egg) he was ready to chat.  Beer in hand, we headed outside to the spacious corner patio to tell me his story.   He is immediately the fun loving beer guy that everyone wants to hang out with all hours of the night.  I was especially impressed with his story of how he even stumbled into the beer industry itself.   


Anytime I hear a story of a person with a passion that is actively pursuing it, I can’t help love that determined and driven character.  Combined with his passion for brewing and fun loving attitude, Brad is taking the world of beer on full throttle. 

The night I had the privilege of chatting, he was tapping his new number #1 Better Brown Ale, and yes, he was pulling the tap on each one.  His love for home brew was birthed out of a home brew kit he received as a wedding gift after attending the Munich Oktoberfest for his bachelor party in 2010.  He admitted his first homebrew was not a success, but he truly loved making his own. 

After the first attempt, he tweaked recipes and methods and produced his successful brew.  Although his hobby was brewing, he was making a living as a corporate finance annalist at a billion dollar corporation.  Two years after his first attempt at brewing, Brad suddenly found himself unemployed, but armed with a home brew kit, a bathtub, and a passion.  He decided to take his brew skills to the next level and thus the FireWheel Brewing Co. was born. The  first beer produced at the brewery was a Texas Pale Ale and was a huge success in the brewing community.

The Midnight Ninja was the quick second but is no longer in production, yet I did have the pleasure of enjoying a keg before retirement.   He is currently producing 200 gallons a week, and always testing out new ideas and recipes.  FireWheel Brewing Co beer is being offered at local restaurants and pubs around Dallas.  The next beer to be unveiled is the Photon beer which will be released on Feb 12 in two places in one night: White Rock Abby in East Dallas and at Jack Mac’s in Plano.  Brad will be at each one pulling the tap at The Abby from 5-7 and 7:30-??? at Jack Mac’s. 


As of now, Goodfriend is featuring the limited addition of the Coffee Ale, which makes me want to get my dart-throwing self to the beer garden and do some sampling, as well  as well as Fuzzy’s  in Rowlett and Flying Saucer in Addison. 

Brad is truly a joy to be around, and the sampling of his beer will defiantly be something I look forward to when dining out locally. 

Check his website for brew tours as well as special tapping’s and unveiling of limited addition brews.


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