Swim Into Sea Breeze For A Fantastic Seafood Selection

DSC05797by Steven Doyle

The seafood revolution in Dallas continues strong and we are particularly happy to see this strong trend continue to grow. With more restaurants sourcing amazing oysters from all coastal waters in the US, the selection has never been greater. Many restaurants can serve up fish selections like tilapia and salmon, but these can be the most uninteresting selections when so much more is being brought into our city.

One of the bright stars in this trend is Sea Breeze in Plano. What started as a small market and an even smaller restaurant with counter service, Sea Breeze recently expanded to a full-sized concern with table service and even more room for fresh fish to take home.  


The expansion happened when the neighboring dry cleaner vanished in the middle of one night and the guys at Sea Breeze jumped on the opportunity to grow their business. On the afternoon we stopped in to sample much of the menu the restaurant was filled to capacity in the middle of the afternoon. As guests tidied up their plates of lobster rolls and clam chowder, they would line up at the fresh seafood case to take home that day’s catch for round two that evening at home.

Being busier allows the bustling restaurant to bring in even better species of seafood. The day we visited we spotted several catches from Hawaii including Opah and wild Hebi. Opah is also known as a Moonfish, and is a beautiful creature. The fish can grow to be six feet long, are completely round like a moon, and can weigh in at 600 pounds.  The meat is delicate and light and lends itself well to a sauté.



Hebi is a short billed spearfish, and also has a delicate flavor. This fish is wonderful grilled.

Sea Breeze offers plenty of selection now. There is a Lenten Special which is a cup of their incredible clam chowder and either a Sesame Seared Tuna or a Grilled Atlantic Salmon salad for $9.99. The chowder is house made with large, plump chunks of fresh clams. This is extremely creamy and meaty.



The Lobster Roll is quite the bargain at $13.99 and is a buttery toasted roll heaped with lobster salad. For the finicky beef lover, Sea Breeze now offers a steak.

This is a fantastic spot to check out during this holiday season where fish reigns supreme.


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  1. twinwillow

    Probably, the best lobster roll in Dallas. Especially for only $13.99!

  2. Gabe

    The best lobster roll in town can be found at East Hampton’s Sandwich Shop in Snider Plaza.

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