Spruce Up Your Interior and Wardrobe In 2013

Metallic Fashionby Erica Guajardo

With Easter and Passover here this week, spring time has surely arrived! One thing that comes with these holidays is spring cleaning and sprucing up. For many this means time to throw away the old and bring in the new, but what items will state that your a trend setting individual?

“Art” has many forms in the design world, although we generally think of art as being fine, it can take on other forms, such as fashion and interiors. This years color of the year is Emerald Green, making statements that are eye catching and trend setting. Many individuals are seen this year with accessories, colored jeans, and nail polish in this color, but “What are other statements in the design world that are emerging?” 

Stripes and Art copy

Splash of White, with a little Pattern, and a Twist of Metallic Please!

The saying “Don’t wear white after labor day” is slowly vanishing, but has not vanished yet. With this said, white has emerged as a trend in 2013 that everyone is dying to wear before memorial day because it carries a status of elite qualities and works with every accent color. Accents are very important to understand, but don’t always signify wardrobe. For interiors the light color tends to open up the room making it appear to be more tranquil and spacious. Just like a white dress that needs that colored broach to pop the outfit, the light colored sofa tends to make any accessory like pillows, throws, and ottomans shine. One thing to be cautious with white is matching the same color tones. If you are wearing multiple pieces, then make sure that each white is the same shade, not doing this can result in one white looking dirtier than the other.

Patterns are always a must in the spring time. This is where we are able to bring our favorite color combinations together to create a specific look. This years patterns consist of graphic geometric, stripes, and “punch packing prints”. Allowing the individual to wear each design as a punch of color to enhance the statement look for the day. Prints are always looks that should be used sparingly, making sure that you don’t mix and match similar patterns together are good ways to stay chic. Not saying that you can’t mix and match patterns together, just make sure that they coordinate and are different scales.

Erica Guajardo Artwork with White Chesterfield Sofa copy

Metallic’s are one trend that every chic individual enjoys. Regardless if its metal studs or a sleek pattern leather metallic banquet, this look tends to hold presence in a room. Creating that small gleaming quality that shines, this look should be treated as a precious gem that is used sporadically.

With all of these 2013 trends in mind, you have all the information that you need to create your chic new wardrobe and interior space. For that special touch of uniqueness don’t be shy to commission your local artist to create a one of a kind art work to set-off your space or personal look.



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