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More Midnight Ramen At Ten Bells

ramenby Steven Doyle

You have heard us discuss the crazy midnight pop-up ramen feast that appears when it feels like it in Oak Cliff. In speaking with many of you I know you want to try this lush broth with homemade noodles and pork belly. Make plans this weekend to finally have a bowl for yourself.     

Chef Justin Holt will be making a midnight appearance at Ten Bells Tavern at midnight this Saturday with his delicious soup that takes days to create the layers of deliciousness. Justin is one of the chefs at the 5-star restaurant Lucia, also found in the Bishop Arts District. The man is passionate about his ramen, which has garnered high praise. And a single bowl is a mere five bucks.

When we last spoke to Holt he said he was considering opening his own ramen hot spot in Dallas. This falls into that sizzling national trend for ramen.

Ten Bells Tavern  is located at 232 W. 7th in the Bishop Arts District.


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