Archer Live Comes To Verizon Theatre In Grand Prairie

archerby Steven Doyle

When the idea of presenting an animated television series to the live stage I laughed thinking it was an odd April Fools joke. My brain screamed in agony at the thought of live action characters performing clumsily across a stage, pantomiming to voice-overs in cheesy amusement park staging. This seems not to be the case for Archer Live, the roadshow for FX’s send up to Bond buffoonery.

Archer Live is fanboy ejaculate on stage. The show will feature a panel discussion, a question-and-answer session with attendees, some scene readings, and a few never-before-seen clips with the shows cast in attendance.      

The series can be found on the cable network FX, but also fresh and lively via Netflix, with a new season having recently been released. This has given the series a new life, and has been gifted with a greenlight for the show’s fifth season.

Think of the show Archer as a super-spy series with raw sexuality, gun play, intrigue and a few laughs mixed in for good measure. The title character works for his mother who operates International Secret Intelligence Service, or ISIS, an organization that spies for profit. Archer is joined in cast by his ex-girlfriend, Lana Kane who is voiced by Aisha Tyler, along with a cast of  ne’er-do-wells who make the series even more laughable.


At the live show you will see H. Jon Benjamin (Sterling Archer) along with Aisha Tyler, Lucky Yates (Doctor Krieger, head of the ISIS applied research department), Amber Nash (Pam Poovey, ISIS human resources director) and Casey Willis (one of the animated show’s producers, and the live show’s moderator).

Archer Live comes June 22 to Verizon Theatre, 1001 Performance Place, Grand Prairie and tickets are a mere $45. Buy them via phone by calling 214-929-7849 or go online.

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