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28_2013_04_Crave_Radio_Dodds-3830by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

If you did not tune into craveRADIO this past weekend, you missed a lot. We just finished our fifth show and the guests are lining up to join the fun. Last Sunday we featured chef Graham Dodds from Central 214 in Dallas, along with his bar manager, Amber West.

Chef Dodds can be a bit shy at times, probably stemming from his conservative British and Scottish roots. But that was soon remedied as Amber West invited us all to taste her cocktails that she had been cask conditioning. The Equestrian is a playful take on the Mint Julep, something she conjured up in anticipation of the Kentucky Derby. You can sample this cocktail for a cause at Central 214 through the end of the week.  



Amber joined forces with this weekend’s Polo on the Lawn, and we had the event coordinators in the house to speak about that fun event which benefits Project Transformation, a local charity that empowers underserved children and their families. A dollar for each Equestrain sold goes to the cause, plus this weekend’s polo event acts as a fundraiser.

Chef Dodds took over the last hour where we continued to enjoy cocktails and discuss Dodd’s culinary background. His style of cooking reaches beyond the term ‘farm-to-table’, and we also learned that Dodds has a particular affinity for keeping bees.


Dodds invited our listeners to come by the restaurant and try out a few of his new menu items he has prepared for the season. We will feature those very soon on craveDFW.

We also had our regular guest host and chef Uno Immanivong on the program. We love having her in the studio as she prepares her new restaurant, Chino, in Trinity Groves. She brought her daughter along who is doing some modeling and will be featured on some national ads in the very near future. Uno told us about her pop up dinner she is hosting in Trinity Groves that will give those curious about her style of cooing and a foreshadowing to the menu at Chino. Grab one of the very few remaining tickets on her website.


This weekend on craveRADIO tune in to hear recent Top Chef contestant and chef-owner of Spoon, John Tesar. Joining us also will be super barman Brad Hensarling who owns several bars in Fort Worth, including the top rated The Usual. This show will be one you will not care to miss.

If you missed last week’s program listen here. 


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