Smoke City Market Makes Our LA BBQ List

smoke cityby Steven Doyle

Friends and family traveling across the country often ask us where to find decent food in various cities. We certainly love the restaurants in New York, and think of Chicago as one of the world’s best food cities. How about brisket in Los Angeles? Travel to Sherman Oaks and you will find a displaced Texan that is sharing up his smokiness to the granola eating crowd in California.  

Find flavorful cuts of BBQ unexpectedly at a joint called Smoke City Market that will excite the most finicky of the BBQ hounds. Buy your meats Texas-style and by the half pound all smoked under slow heat. Be sure to take in some of the smoked pastrami for an excitable treat.

Check out this video for the Big Texas Challenge that will set you back $70. But for the hearty appetite, this is a small price to pay to sample every part of the cow.


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