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Chef Najat Kaanache has been under remarkable fire in the past few days with the announcement of the retooling of Private Social or P|S. We are fairly certain it reverted back to Private|Social, an name I actually thought was witty. It describes the restaurant perfectly.

You can read about the craziness at the Uncle Nancy website, where even the bad stuff gets a beating now and again. I will agree the P|S menu was over-the-top and for the most part inedible, even for this adventuresome eater. The chicken wings at the bar were thrilling, however.  

The one remaining source of delight has been Rocco Milano, who has steadfastly remained on board pouring rock solid cocktails and offering spirited conversation about the same. That is very Social of him, wouldn’t you say?

Through the retooling Najat will stick around, but instead offer what she is now calling a new Texas-inspired menu. The new menu “celebrates” Texas specialties with a twist featuring Burly Beef Brisket, Fried Green Tomato Caprese, Duck Fat Fried Duck, Ranch-Style Steaks, Homemade Cornbread, and a five-cheese Mac n’ Cheese.


Lord knows how we Texans loves our Mac-n-cheese. Five cheeses make it just a bit more loveable.

Today ya’ll get an invite to sample this new kicked up Texas fare and decide for yourself if it worth a second visit. Private|Social will be hosting a  complimentary event for the general public to experience a sampling of the new menu items and cocktails on Tuesday, May 21st and Wednesday, May 22 from 5-8 pm.

Be the first to try out the new menu, and take plenty of photos. Send them to us at craveDFW with your review. The best reviews will be featured on craveDFW and we will offer a splendid prize to the most compelling.


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