Andre Natera Is Trying To Seduce You With His Skills

Chef Andre Natera, photo by Danny Fulgencio - dannyfulgencio.comby Steven Doyle

I know I am not the only one impressed with the marvelous job Andre Natera is doing over at Marquee Grill in Highland Park Village. His deft hand plays merriment on our palate, and it seems he never grows weary of playfulness in his kitchen.

We will settle for our nunchaku and bow hunting skills all the while as we lust after the following weekend specials he sent our way in email today. Check out the photos below and enjoy licking your monitor, or just make reservations.  

168Corn Crusted Halibut with Corn Broth and Fennel

169Corn Ravioli with Corn Purée Crispy Speck and Mushrooms


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