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96˚ West Winery Featuring Local Chefs At Wine Club Dinners Each Month

DSC07952by Steven Doyle

Recently I was invited to assist chef Eric Shelton at a special dinner in Wylie, Texas, where the chef lives. You can find Shelton at any of the Dallas Summer Musicals where he is the head toque, but this evening he was hosting the dinner at the 96˚ West Winery. The winery in Wylie often rotate guest chefs to come in and take over the kitchen, and it was an honor to work with Shelton who is bright and spirited. The attitude shines through in his dishes.

This particular evening Shelton created some unusual platings such as a delicious eggplant cannoli, and more subtle tastings like his quail dish which guests quickly devoured.  

Shelton has been offering his services around town during his off hours and even has worked in private homes. This particular evening he had the assistance of private chef Hollie Dorethy who you may have seen at many events across the city such as Chefs for Farmers and the Texas State fair. She was also featured on the television program Master Chef.

The next wine dinner at 96˚ West Winery will be announced soon, and they are always a bargain. The next chef to cook for the wine club is chef Cody Sharp who will be in on June 18, 2013. Call for more details and to secure your seat.


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