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Inwood Tavern Celebrates 49 Years Tonight And You Are Invited

inwoodby Steven Doyle

Inwood Tavern celebrates 49 years in business tonight. If the walls of this epic neighborhood bar could talk we would have to seek a gag order. Known for great beer, smooth cocktails and spirited conversation, Inwood has seen its share of fantastic evenings.   

Tonight Inwood invites you in for some terrific specials on cocktails, with some sampling being dealt out, along with a food truck visit by the people at Jack’s Chowhound who will be slinging buck tacos.

Live music by Droo D’Anna, followed by DJ Tyler Dean will entertain the crowd all night long.

Be part of this historic evening at 7717 Inwood Road which is just next door to Shinsei at Lovers and Inwood in Dallas.


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