Penny Beer At Henry’s Tavern Causes No Riots

pennyby Steven Doyle

Throughout time baseball has been known for wacky schemes to promote attendance. You may recall the Bill Veeck story where he hired Eddie Gaedel to pinch hit during a game in 1951. Gaedel was 3’7 and had virtually no strike zone. The short player was subsequently disqualified.  


Then we have the legendary game between the Texas Rangers and the Cleveland Indians in 1974 where beer was a mere dime as a promotion.  The game ended in a riot with manager Billy Martin being knocked to the ground, players had their hats stolen and even knifed, bases were ripped up, seats were pulled from the stands, and there was even a bit of nudity. The Rangers won that game by default.

Perhaps taking a page from baseball history Henry’s Tavern in Plano is offering a penny beer all week long.

beerThis is what 100 beer tab looks like

Henry’s opened late last year but closed for a little reshuffling and now is open with a vengeance. So, all week through Sunday you can get your beer on the cheap. This isn’t Bud Light we are talking about, Henry’s is tapping the good local stuff.  The tavern opened last night offering the cheaply priced beer and no riots were called.


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