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First Look: Mutts Canine Cantina

DSC08338by Steven Doyle

Mutts Canine Cantina opened its gates last night to literally hundreds dogs stationed throughout Uptown Dallas. The restaurant/dog park was taken by storm as humans made their way to the commissary for beer and hotdogs, while their canine counterparts enjoyed the view and yapped with their fellow dog pals.

This was a perfectly happy scene as both man and beast enjoyed fellowship and food, along with two sprawling acres maintained by employees who watched over the evening with careful alarm.  

Mutts offers special dog treats of sliced wieners served with a side of dog bone. The dogs we witnessed enjoyed the platter and licked their lips wanting more. It was a tail-wagging experience.

It was difficult to say who enjoyed the time out at the park more. The dogs were perfectly at ease enjoying the camaraderie and watching their humans sip beer and chat up the opposite sex. This is quite possibly the first time they were able to enjoy a night out on the town when they might otherwise be stuck at home keeping guard.

This is a brilliant idea whose time has come and is destined to be the hottest seat in Dallas.


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