Crawfish Season Not Finished At TJ’s Seafood Market

crawfish2by Steven Doyle

Just when we thought crawfish season was kaput, we get a sweet love note from Jon Alexis at TJ’s Seafood Market reminding us that he has the last of the big crustaceans and he is taking orders for this weekend’s boils in North Texas.

Alexis is notorious for having the largest, the cleanest and the freshest crawfish in the city, and at a special $2.45 a pound these babies won’t last long. You must buy them buy the sack which on average weighs a cool 30 pounds, and you must pre-order by 3pm this Friday to guarantee your mud bugs.   

If you do not have the equipment to boil your own, TJ’s will do the heavy lifting for you. They can staff a part just for you and your guests. Give them a call at 214-691-2369 for details.

Should you find yourself just wanting to enjoy a few pounds solo, stop by the Oak lawn location and enjoy crawfish with all the accouterments for $7.99 a pound.

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