Mutts Canine Cantina – A Dogs Eye View


ed note: We had planned to send Andrew Chalk to cover Mutts, the new eatery with an attached dog-park in Uptown. Unfortunately, he had an OD on ”Science Diet”. However, his dog was able to attend without him and sends this report]

photoby “McVitie”

I can’t believe it I don’t have a leash on and the grass stretches as far as the eye can see, yippee! I don’t know whether to run or pee think I’ll pee but that Pomeranian keeps trying to sniff my butt they should put that breed in the big dogs park it looks like I’m not the only dog in the world that’s a bigger shock to me than when they told Paris Hilton that she wasn’t the only person in the world so I get a drink of water and follow a trail but I have to bark at a monster with McKinney Avenue Trolley Company written on the side that makes a rumbling noise there looks like there’s action in the big dogs park but I want food so I am going to bark until the human lets me out and lets me have some human food in the patio area.

One remarkable recovery later… 

by Andrew Chalk

Mutts Canine Cantina is unique in Dallas. And you don’t need a dog. It’s a gastropub bar and eatery with several craft ales (while the dog was distracted I had Franconia, Lakewood and Community). The patio is huge and the crowds are already swelling. 300 on Thursday. Packed for the opening on Wednesday.

If you don’t have a dog you get a free show. Watch the doggies having fun while you drink, dine and socialize.



If you do have a dog, let him run off the leash in a dog park where there is controlled access (so your pet won’t be removed by someone else), a poop pickup service, ample water bowls, staff to mitigate doggie skirmishes, tennis balls to chase, separation in two parks of large dogs and small, dog items on the menu. Also, dog owners (and those who “aspire” to that status) are very chatty, something sometimes in short supply in urban areas.

It is easy to start up a conversation with “Oh, what breed is your dog, etc. That makes Mutts a friendly place. This could become the cool place in Uptown. It is right at the CityPlace station so take the trolley (you may have to dress your dog up as a human).



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  1. Susan W.

    My husband and I were there with our dog on Sunday. The coffee is great. The waitress actually came out to the park where we were sitting and brought us refills! We didn’t even have to get up or leave our dog. We will be back for sure.

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