Blue Fish Satisfies Sushi Craving On A Budget

Tuna Sashimi 5$by Joey Stewart   photos by Joey Stewart

I’m an addict.  A sushi addict, that is.  And for those of us who can’t stay away from those raw delectables, it can be rough on the pocketbook to dine at our favorites each time we feel the need for seaweed.

A few weeks ago I grabbed a pre-concert stool at the bar at The Blue Fish and discovered their daily happy hour, which fulfilled the craving, as well as cut my bill by a third. And while it will never take the place of Tei Tei, Teppo, or Yutaka (insert your favorite here), it’s a solid choice for good quality on a budget.          

Salmon Sashimi Double Order 8$Joey’s Double Salmon

The happy hour takes place every day from 5PM-7PM and offers small bottles of hot sake for two bucks. That’s over half off the usual price right there.  A three-piece order of salmon sashimi runs four dollars. I doubled the order for eight bucks, giving me six pieces for about half of what I would spend anywhere else. The rest of the happy hour menu has items ranging from two to five dollars, and there are quite a variety of choices.

Here at Crave we tend to not push the “chains,” however we strive to help all those inflicted with this condition. And while this is not a cure, we hope this treatment offers some help with your addiction.

See below for pictures of many of their happy specials and prices.

Yellowtail Sushi 4$Yellowtale Sushi

Stuffed Snow Crab Claw 2$Stuffed Snow Crab Claw

Spicy Salmon Handroll 4$Spicy Tuna Handroll

Soft Shell Shrimp 4$Soft Shell Shrimp

Seafood Tempura 4$Seafood Tempura

Salmon Tartare on Crispy Rice 5$Salmon Tartare On Crispy Rice

Eeel and Avocado Roll 4$Eel and Avocado Roll

Crispy Spring Roll 2$Crispy Spring Roll

Hot Sake 2$

The Blue Fish, 3519 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206



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3 responses to “Blue Fish Satisfies Sushi Craving On A Budget

  1. Thank you. I needed this.

  2. Steve

    The blue fish been around for ages. I kind of like having several locations around town and even houston. College days at the Greenville location, Moved to north dallas and often in down town houston. The blue fish delivers every time! Thanks for sticking around.

  3. SlyGuy

    Happy Hour only at the bar, but it’s great regardless. Good deal for sure

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