There Was No Forking Around In Trinity Groves Last Night

fork5by Mary Szefcyk

Editor’s note: If you do not wish to read about the delicious goings on, please skip down to the last paragraph where you not only find out who wins this food battle, but you also will hear a tale of tattoos and Mexican wrestlers riding dragons. 

Trinity Grove’s  round one Fork Fight competition was a tremendous success last night.  Omar Flores of Casa Rubia and Yaser Khalaf of Souk battled against each other creating four delightful innovative dishes for you to be the judge.  Guests gathered eagerly anticipating a relaxing evening of food and wine while taking in the sounds of “DJ STRADIVARI The Violin Guy”.  For one fixed price of $75 you enjoy an open bar, mingling with fellow foodies, bubblies, cocktails, and doing what you love most.  Ticket holders luxuriate in a four course meal times two and that simply equals happiness.  How many chances do you get to devour two of everything by two different talented chefs?  I wish every meal on Earth could be served this way.          


Round one: no bell rang but the fight was on. A long line of servers marched out of the kitchen holding two dishes.  To my left, Casa Rubia went bold with Mussel Escabeche, garlic chips (pork rind), Seville Orange.  To my right Souk pleasured us with Spinach and Goat Cheese Cigar served with a Harissa Aioli.  Both bold in flavors, both getting my attention, both nice to the eyes and stomach.  This is going to be a tough fight.

Round two: Casa Rubia delighted us with Tassione’s Field Greens, Marcona Almonds, Manchego, Roasted Grapes, Vinagre De Jerez.  While Souk Throws down Figs and Pickled Lebna Salad Water Crest, and Almonds with a Date Vinaigrette.  I would have to say this round was exciting, and both Chefs delivered it.  Lush gardens came to mind while consuming Souks, the textures played nice on the palate and the greens so fresh, while Casa Rubia’s was dressed very well and everything from the ingredients to flavor perfectly prepared.


Round Three: while Zouk went with a Lamb Mrouzia Cooked Lamb Shank with a Moroccan Rasl El Hanout Spices Served with Apricot & Pinenuts CousCous.   Casa Rubi splurges us with Rabo De Toro (Spanish Oxtail) Piquillo Peooer Emulsion.  Another show stopper with presentation for Casa Rubia,  and Souk does not fall short behind; both exciting, and both get the job done.  Fall off the bone shank and melt in your mouth stew.



Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.   The final Round of the evening and the start to your food coma which culminated with a final decision and a bucket to drop your fork to  declare the winner.  Casa Rubia entices us to a Dulcey Crema Catalana while Souk spoils us with a Pistachio Bil Jibna Torte.  Like I previously stated before: why can’t all food and wine dinners be like this with the best of both worlds in front of you.  The only down fall of the evening is you can only pick one when both are clearly winners.  However there can only be one prize and Souk took top honors.

I am looking forward to Round Two of Fork Fights next Thursday July 18th 7PM Chef Norman Grimm Kitchen from LTO vs Chef Uno Immanivong from Chino Chinatown.  I want to add that next week whoever gets the most forks will be my next tattoo. So if Chino wins I am sporting a vintage Mexican wrestler riding a dragon. If LTO wins the word “Norman” is going to be my tatted on my ass cheek.


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