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Chef April Barney Offering Midnight Chicken and Waffles at Ten Bells August 17

chickenwaffleby Steven Doyle

The happy trend of pop-up midnight food service at Ten Bells Tavern in Bishop Arts continues. This time from a chef you may not heard from in the past, but certainly has made her mark in our community. Chef April Barney leads up the culinary program for DISD, and guides dozens of children each year into culinary arts. Upon graduation many students check into one of the local culinary schools, or better yet, they work in fantastic restaurants such as Nick and Sam’s and FT33 in various capacities.

Chef Barney also takes up the slack with many chefs at charity and other food events in Dallas. She recently helped with Fork Fight, and I have seen her at numerous other events such as Savor Dallas and Chefs for Farmers.    

Chef April with Tiffany Derry

In addition to running the culinary program, Chef Barney runs a working kitchen at Skyline Magnet school where she feeds the staff real meals and performs catering duties.

Now you can sample some of this talented chef’s cooking at her pop-up Chicken and Waffle feed at Ten Bells, Saturday August 17, 2013. At midnight.  Ms. Barney will be dishing out Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Awesome Waffles with a little Black Berry Jalapeño Compote. She will also have Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, with Maple Bacon Ice Cream.

Pricing has not been set yet, but we will report more information as we gear closer to the date. Mark your calendars.


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