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Dishing On Dish

dish7by Steven Doyle

New seasons, new menus, right? Some of our city’s chefs take I much further than that nearly beating themselves with daily offerings. Garreth Dickey at Dish is one of those guys. For recreation he studies what chefs are doing across the country, or looking at ingredients and how they might play out on his plate. A recent visit to Dish uncovered plenty of new menu items, but then there are the daily food finds that will tickle your fancy. Those are the real treasures that brings the chef’s many regulars back time and again.     

The summer menu has been fun, and of course we have some photos we brought back to share. But we also want to share the one dish at Dish that dove us bonkers, the Tuna & Cantaloupe Ceviche made with ginger, soy, red onion and black sea salt. The largish chunks of fresh and raw tuna are lightly marinated in the very simple sauce and laid to rest over equal sized pieces of fresh cantaloupe. This screams summer, and is the perfect way to beat the heart. We can stop now and it should be enough reason for you to make a reservation for tonight.

Chef Dickey is the guy in the whites behind the very open kitchen at the back of Dish who is sporting the wild hair and moving at a break neck speed. The man is unassuming, quiet and seemingly in deep thought at all times. He probably is dreaming up his next morsel that you will enjoy at his restaurant. When you visit next bring along a handful of friends.

The most fun way to dine at Dish is working off the small plates menu. Sure, there are plenty of big plates like steaks, chops and beautiful jumbo diver scallops, but a large amount of flavor is spread across the sharable dishes. And don’t think you have to share, a few of the small plates make for perfect dining.

Next time we go for the chef’s tasting menu that is offered nightly.

Cured Meats & Domestic Cheese Board

Grilled Lamb Meatball Lollipops served on almond hummus

Sweet & Spicy Wild King Salmon

Whole Wheat Margherita Pizza

Carolina Pulled Pork Tacos

Jumbo Diver Sea Scallops

Oven Roasted Atlantic Salmon

18oz Ribeye alla Fiorentina

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