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Two Hot Dallas Burgers Being Delivered To Lakewood

libertyby Steven Doyle    photo by Robert Bostick

As the Lakewood community continues its growth a few new and familiar Dallas area restaurants have staked claim on some highly visible real estate. Interesting enough the new restaurants are being careful to keep things interesting enough for the neighborhood, and even giving the new spots a warm enough feel that will give an impression that the restaurants have always belonged to their new digs.

There are two particular burger outlets that will give pause to the local fan. Liberty Burger should be open very soon and co-owner Mariel Street is staying clear of any semblance of being a chain. Even though there are currently only two of the burger restaurants, we know there are plenty on the way including the Dallas Farmers Market.  

Look for more local beers being served in Liberty’s new home in the Lakewood Shopping Center.

Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers is another local burger restaurant that has been made famous by the Lover’s Lane location, and will nestle nicely in Lakewood at Skillman and La Vista. This location will have a bar, a dessert bar and a separate gaming room as well as a patio. A very open kitchen scheme will also be featured at this location for Chip’s.

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