Great Divide And The Yeti Surprise

yeti1by Brian Wall

Great Divide Brewing Company is situated in downtown Denver, Colorado and started brewing in 1994. During that time, they have come up with some very serious beers for the discerning taste.  A total of twenty-four beers are available for the beer enthusiast to sample. Of these twenty-four; nine are available year round, three are barrel aged and the other twelve are available seasonally.

The one series of Great Divide that really stands out for dark, heavy beer lovers is the Yeti series.  Whether it is the Espresso Oak Aged, Chocolate Oak Aged or the regular Yeti, these beers do not disappoint. 

The one beer of theirs being sampled at the time of this writing is the seasonal Oatmeal Yeti Imperial Stout.  It is packaged in a 22 oz. bomber bottle and was bottle July 16 2013. It’s an impressive 9.5% ABV but gives very little alcohol burn when drinking.  The initial scent is a blend of soy sauce, coffee and chocolate. Not unusual for a stout beer. It is not heavily carbonated and retains little foam in the glass. The color is a very dark chocolate/black very similar to used motor oil. Carbonation level is mild; enough for a stout beer but not overly carbonated like a paler beer. Taste is pleasant, very similar to other imperial stouts. The label says it has been brewed with raisins but the flavor is lost in the strength of the coffee-like flavor of the stout itself. Overall, a pleasant imperial stout beer and very similar to other Yeti beers in the series but the oatmeal and raisins are missed in the tasting.

If you enjoy a good imperial stout, don’t shy from this beer. I would gladly drink this again. Great divide does not disappoint but sometimes a beer may be a little too close to other offerings by the same brewery.  This is a seasonal and will only be offered from July until September.

There are food suggestions to pair with this beer to enhance the flavor but that should be left to the drinker. Some of you may not enjoy certain beers with certain food pairings whereas other, not suggested food pairings may enhance your experience beyond compare.

If you are not a fan of imperial stout or even regular stout beers, Great Divide Brewing Company does offer other options with Belgian Ales, IPA’s, and Barleywine possibilities. If this beer does tickle your tastebuds, try the seasonal that will be released in the coming months- Espresso Oak Aged Yeti- an absolute killer blend of imperial stout, coffee and aged with oak.  Sláinte

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