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Discovery Zone: Mac and Cheese Burger at 303 Grill

DSC09649by Steven Doyle

We have written plenty of burger stories in the past, and have penned a few top burger lists for the Dallas area. It seems these lists are outdated as quickly as they are posted, but that is what make this whole thing fun. You never really find the ultimate burger, but rather journey through pastured beef and freshly baked buns. Face it, we are all simply beef tourists.

This past weekend I stumbled upon another incredible burger that at first horrified me, but after a large chomp I was convinced I found something uniquely delicious. The Mac and Cheese Burger at 303 Grill in Oak Cliff should be knighted, or at least given an MBE.   

The burger is thick, juicy and ladled with a heaping serving of the bacon mac and cheese that 303 is so famous for. It is creamy due to its large cream to macaroni ratio, plus the addition of gruyere, white cheddar, sharp cheddar, parmesan and a stack of apple wood smoked bacon. This burger is a freaky plate of fun that will make you smile for the rest of your day.

Go eat one today, and be sure to say craveDFW.  It won’t get you anything special, but it is as much fun to say as this burger is to eat.


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