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Doktor Klaw And The Lobster Caper

sargentby Steven Doyle

I just came across this story on America Public Media’s food blog called The Splendid Table where they interview a man named Ben Sargent who ran a double underground lobster roll business. This is the stuff Seinfeld would have loved. After running two failed restaurants Sargent wet underground selling his now famous lobster rolls out of his basement. After the Fire Marshall busted him for his over-the-top propane usage Sargent took to the streets where he would get odd phone calls to sell his rolls in these clandestine locations. 

Doktor Klaw has a website and his own web series that are well worth a look, and has a show on the Cooking Channel called Hook, Line and Dinner which I guess has been around a while (who has time for TV).

Read this new and entertaining story by Lynne Rossetto Kasper which will make you seek out some lobster rolls locally tonight. We suggest either TJ’s Seafood Market on Oak Lawn, or 20 Feet in East Dallas. You can also find a recipe for Klaw’s roll in the same story.


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