A Look At Armadillo Ale Works

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It’s not easy to start a business. Many of you that have understand how difficult it can be. If it isn’t the financial aspect, it can be the location or the legality of the business. Craft beer breweries hit these problems frequently. If it is not all the bureaucratic red tape of the liquor laws then it may just be the financial downside of equipment and ingredients to make that liquid ambrosia we enjoy tasting so much. Ask any home brewing enthusiast if they would enjoy making beer for a living and the answer would probably be unanimously “YES!”. Armadillo Ale Works knows this knowledge firsthand. 

Based in a relative void of craft brewing, Armadillo Ale Works started making craft beer and soda in Denton. They started with soda to gain the finances and to allow enough time to jump through all the state hoops they needed to bring their beers to the public. Armadillo has an interesting but not unusual way of making their beer- they outsource the production to a brewery already producing beer. In this case, Armadillo is brewed by Deep Ellum Brewing Company.

The beer tasted this week is Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale. This is an American-Belgian-Weizen hybrid that was drank from a can. The beer poured with a nice, quickly dispensing foam head. Scent is a spiced-peppery-banana that is typical in Belgian Ales. Color is golden hue with a slight touch of haze. Flavor gives a minute taste of cotton candy with grain following. There is no strong flavor of hops or an overwhelming malt character to this beer. Overall, this is a pleasant hybrid beer with a non-overpowering Belgian presence. Quite often Belgian Ales can be spicy but this is not the case in this beer. This gives a refreshing cool flavor and no lingering bite of the Belgian Ale.

Armadillo Ale Works plans on opening up their own brewery in Denton in the near  future. In the meantime, you can look for their beers on tap at select locations and canned in certain beverage stores. We can expect good flavors from them if this sample is any indication.



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