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Gas Monkey Bar and Grill Open For Biz

DSC09991by Steven Doyle

When I first walked through the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill we explored the newly updated building that once hosted Firewater on Technology Blvd off Northwest Highway. The building held promise of loud music, cold beer and plenty of burgers and BBQ. The restaurant patterned after the Fast and Loud program on the Discovery Channel, which has taken the planet by storm with over 2 million viewers each week, and growing. This is not the only demographic that will be interested in this venue, but it is definitely a huge draw, making this a destination for conventioneers and tourists visiting Dallas.  

The restaurant features a real chef, David Hollister, who formerly worked in Fort Worth. The cuisine can only be called kicked up bar fare, but there are some interesting selections that will please most any diner. The brisket is fat and happy with a peppery crust that entices another bite. The giant beef rib is dealt with in a similar manner and is pure genius on a bone.

Look for some big names to hit the stage at Gas Monkey, with a slew of national as well as regional acts booked already. In fact Richard Rawlings, head monkey and owner of he Grill, hinted at a “certain bearded band” that will be playing New Years Eve. I am positive he was not speaking of the Soggy Bottom Boys, but most likely ZZ Top.  The music will range in taste. In fact while dining this afternoon with Rawlings I ran into the Sick Puppies who wanted to pay the restaurant a visit. The band is playing at the House of Blues this evening but wanted to meet Rawlings and sample the fare. The Old 97’s play this Saturday night. They are the Dallas based alternative country band that once recoded with Waylon.

The Sick Puppies

The venue will be a formidable hot spot for concerts and also will soon host live band karaoke. Now everyone can truly be a rock star, if not for only 3 minutes.

Chef David Hollister

It was an interesting afternoon. Rawlings is a kind gentleman and a fantastic host, which is requisite for running an operation such as this. He spoke about future incarnations of the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill coming to secondary markets that are in need of such a venue. He has is eye on Fort Worth, his home town. He also mentioned partnering with a hotel in Vegas. These are distant items on his to-do list, and he said he had to sell a few more cars to get those locations set up.

Gas Monkey Bar and Grill | 10261 Technology Blvd, Dallas | 214.350.1904


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