Report: 18th Annual International Food and Wine Festival

IMG_2115I want to be a pig but the apples are good around here

by Andrew Chalk

Pictures say it best. The Epicurean World Master Chef’s Society (they must have wide  membership cards) held their modestly titled 18th Annual International Food & Wine Festival last week at the Ice House in Plano. The name of the location has a touch of irony as the combination of the 90+ outside temperatures and the massive crowd combined to overwhelm the puny two AA cell powered air conditioning, resulting in an event that was ‘hot’ in the literal sense.    

Thankfully, the chefs stayed calm under pressure and produced food that was stellar. Enjoy our pictures.

IMG_2116Tom Weathers, Hilton Anatole

IMG_2120Food Prep. at Urban Rio

IMG_2122Food Chef Ralph Hernandez

IMG_2123Lamb Ragu Served on Wild Mushroom Pancake. Drizzled with Blueberry Mint Syrup. Morris Salerno, The Grotto Restaurant, Highland Village

IMG_2125Yutuka Yamoto, Yutaka Sushi Bistro. Marinated Salmon Sushi

IMG_2126Ernst Gruch, Catering  served prime rib buns with horseradish sauce

IMG_2128David Sokol, Brook Hollow Country Club served ravioli

IMG_2132Orazio Lamanna, Legends served Fennel Pollen Seared Texas Quail with Citrus Goat Cheese Couscous and Fresh San Marzano Tomato Jam

IMG_2136Shari Carlson, Matthew Melcher, Dessert Dreams

IMG_2137Michele Brown, Collin County Community College

IMG_2142Alison and Bill Hodges, El Centro Community College

IMG_2144Gianni Santin, Haute sweets patisserie, Chocolate Flourless Macarons

IMG_2146Gianni Santin, Haute sweets patisserie, Red Velvet Macaroons

IMG_2148Sharon Van Meter, 3015 at Trinity Groves, Mussels

IMG_2150Past Conquests of The Epicurean World Master Chef’s Society

IMG_2152Gene Anthanasion, Medical City.Beef Shrt Rib and Polenta

IMG_2154Michael Scott, Northwood Club. Shrimp Kebabs

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