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We Love The Truck Yard For So Many Reasons

DSC00820by Steven Doyle

The Truck Yard is an overwhelming smash success you go by mere body count each night, including those precarious evenings when most stay huddled at home watching television, or manicuring their cats. Last evening we checked out the food truck park located on the sizzling hot Lowest Greenville Avenue area directly south of Trader Joes on Sears Street. The recent flack that Dallas Morning News critic shoveled at the venue made us even more excited to sit and sip, since we seem to have polar opposite ideas on what is fun to do and chew in Dallas.

The ice cream vendor Carnival Barker was easily found directly at the front facing Trader Joes just under the giant neon ice cream cone. Plenty of guests were able to locate and devour the house-made ice cream as when we visited about 7pm last night the owner was fresh out of product. Aaron Barker stated that he has been upping the amount of ice cream he makes each day and is now looking for more equipment to keep up with demand. He did have a handful of frozen bananas for sale, and we all know that there is always money in the banana stand.  We have tasted the Barker ice cream on numerous occasions and love the stuff. Plenty of fun, inventive flavors when they are in stock.

There were three trucks on hand last night, which seemed to adequately fill the needs of the patrons, including a truck that sold pizza, one that peddled tasty Cuban sandwiches, and another that sold tacos. All well worth checking out, and check in on a rotating basis. But the true star of the park is the very beefy Philly Cheesesteak sandwich which can be purchased with or without Cheez Whiz. We sampled a pair of sandwiches, one with provolone and the other with the processed cheese food product, and we wholeheartedly are in the Whiz camp. We also ordered with mushrooms, onions and jalapenos, but the extras seemed a bit lost in the giant mound of beef that could barely contain itself on the bun. Our little group has been texting back and forth today that we all want another sandwich right now.

The park also features three bars, one in a tree, another in an Airstream, and one more traditional bar house next to the Philly kitchen. Up in the treehouse there were a few beers offered along with very potent bottled cocktails. The large bar has a smattering of local beers, plus a few of the popular national brands. Also on tap are two cocktails concocted by celebrity barman Jason Kosmas. And why not.

We were told that the Sunday crowd was not unusual, and that the Truck Yard is filled to near capacity each night. Was an amazing way to spend a lingering afternoon or evening with your favorite pup and date. And to Brenner, we are offering to buy you a Cheez Whiz sandwich and a Revolver Blood and Honey. It just might make you smile.


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