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wine-tastingby Andrew Chalk

Recall that at Crave we don’t like “Wine of the Week” columns because good things don’t occur metronomically, so giving a column such a title virtually guarantees its failure to live up to expectations. However, we also have only modest creative abilities so we are going to use that title anyway.

This special has stunning provenance. 2007 Grand Vin de Glenelly Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, South Africa is from the winery owned by May-Eliane de Lencquesaing, the owner of Château Pichon Longueville Comptesse de Lalande (usually abbreviated to Pichon-Lalande) and the Rouzaud family that owns Louis Roederer. The wine was rated 91 points by critic Robert Parker and gets rave reviews from consumers.   

It was offered around town at $30 but nobody bought any! Apparently because it is from South Africa and winemakers from that country have flubbed the marketing of their wines since they became widely available on the world market in 1994. The Wine Poste bought all of the distributor’s outstanding stock and has just started offering it at $14.99.

With six years of age this wine has already acquired a soft roundness in the mouth that makes it glorious to just sip on. The most pronounced flavors are cedar and blackcurrant. The nose has a smoky quality, cigar box, as well as repeating the cedar notes in the mouth. Altogether, a Bordeaux-style wine from across the other side of the globe. Can be paired with all read meat (we had it with Dat’s barbecue and blues).

And at $15, a bargain.


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    Not sure the WORLD marketing was flubbed as many in Europe drink wines from SA. Here nobody knows anything about them.

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