Snuffer’s Changes Ownership And Pat’s Burger & Cheddar Fries Is Born

cheesefries1by Steven Doyle

Big news shot down the intertubes late yesterday with the announcement that the Bankruptcy Court found it was appropriate for Firebird Restaurant Group to take over operations of all six Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar locations. You may know Firebird from their other ventures,  El Fenix, Meso Maya and Taqueria La Ventana. Firebird acquired the Snuffer’s bank  note back in March and was positioned to take over the concept through the bankruptcy rather than watch Snuffer’s close its doors.

Minutes after Firebird rattled off their announcement, Pat Snuffer sent word that he was opening Pat’s Burger & Cheddar Fries at 3526 Greenville Avenue. This is the site of the original Snuffers that was demolished and is currently being rebuilt. Pat Snuffer is joined by his son Mike and long time associate, Steve Cole. Snuffer said that the new restaurant will be a casual neighborhood spot offering traditional burger joint fare. Consider this a Snuffer’s reset.  

Cheesy fries enthusiasts will be happy to note that the dish made famous by Snuffer will be on the new menu. In a past interview with Snuffer he said, “We did not originally have cheddar fries on our menu, but after some SMU girls asked for cheese to be added to their fries we continued to perfect the recipe. More and more people would see the fries being ordered and wanted to try them.” Know the difference. Snuffer did not invent cheese fries, but he did concoct the first plate of “cheddar fries” with mound s of bacon. And love.



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