Sweet Frog Purchased By Owner Of Fluellen Cupcakes

fluellenby Steven Doyle

You may have tasted the big and bountiful Fluellen Cupcake located at 1408 Elm in downtown Dallas. The many flavors can haunt, especially the German Chocolate version. Fluelellen is owned and operated by Keith Fluellen, a real estate developer who also owns the Dimples Cupcake Factory in Allen. It would seem that Fluellen has become quite the cupcake impresario.    

Last evening we ran into Fluellen while on a cupcake jaunt downtown and he informed us that he jut purchased Sweet Frog located at 6030 Luther Lane #150. Sweet Frog has been known for their frozen yogurt and has probably been beaten by cupcake and now ice cream giant Sprinkles, which also has a cupcakery very close to the Sweet Frog location. Fluellen closed on the shop yesterday and was handed the keys at that time. He informed us that Sweet Frog will remain open as is, but will eventually take on the Fluellen persona and sell cupcakes as well as the frozen yogurt.

Preston Center is a hot bed of foodie activity.

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