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Check Out Lunada Tex Mex Grill

DSC00366by Steven Doyle

Tucked away far north in the beautiful Castle Hills division of Lewisville sits a new shopping center that blends in with the neighborhood quite well. This is where you will find the Tex-Mex mecca of Lunada. Lunada is owned by Lisa Galvan, who is part of a successful restaurant family. It is here Galvan plies her talents with some perked up Tex-Mex fare. Lunada features a full bar that boasts some pretty stout margaritas, as well as beer and wine. I checked out the lovely restaurant yesterday for a late afternoon luncheon, but definitely eyeballed the breakfast menu which is served on the weekends.   

The menu boasts plenty of your usual Mexican fare such as tacos and enchiladas, but also has some kicked up fare such as their grilled stuffed shrimp that is draped in a layer of bacon, and served with an avocado and tomato salad. We started our meal with the spicy pork shanks, which were massive and packed with a medium spicy flavor.

I have an affinity for a good chile relleno, and Lunado steps up to the plate for a home run. I like how you are able to order the relleno two ways, grilled or fried in panko.  The definite star of the menu are the sour cream and chicken enchiladas. The chicken is packed tight and to capacity with a rich, creamy sauce that will have you begging for more.

We ordered the grilled shrimp tacos, which come either with flour or corn tortillas. The tasty shrimp were a bit lost in the overwhelming mass of cheese, but otherwise pretty fantastic. Cheese lovers will dig this dish.

You will enjoy the rapid service, beautiful views and a spectacular patio. If you live nearby you will definitely want to stop in for a repast. It is also very much worth the drive. The neighborhood is home to many of our local pro athletes, so this is also great for people watching.


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