50 Year Old Inwood Tavern Has Been Sold

inwoodby Steven Doyle

It seems it was just a few short years ago that Tom and Lisa Georgalis bought the Inwood Tavern. It was a legendary 46 years old at the time. The tiny neighborhood tavern is located near the corner of Inwood and Lovers in Dallas, directly next to Shinsei. Today Lisa Georgalis sent me word that the couple sold the bar, now 50 years old, to Len Critcher.

Critcher has been described as a serial entrepreneur, with his first success in the start up eCarList in 2006 which he eventually sold for $48mm. Critcher is a recognized authority in online inventory management and is currently serving as CEO at OrderMyGear.   

In the conversation with Lisa Georgalis, she mentioned that the couple would be doing “something yummy” in the very near future. You can bet the new operation will have a beverage program, and hopefully some terrific Greek food.

Update: After many emails from readers we can confidently say that there will be little or no changes made to the iconic bar other than a few cosmetic alterations for improvement.


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  1. Congratulations Len.. Another success story in the making!!!

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