Saturday Brunch Starts at Del Frisco’s Grille in Uptown


by Andrew Chalk

It is 11:01 on Saturday morning. As I stare out of the window at Del Frisco’s Grille in Uptown, I feel sorry for the crowd opposite outside Bread Winners. Not only do they have a 30-minute wait to look forward to but, at the end, they will be paying similar prices for similar things in dowdier surroundings as I am here – but without the wait. Crab Benedict is $15.50 vs. $15.99 at Bread Winners. The pork burrito is $14.00 vs $12.99 for a chorizo one (with potatoes). The red velvet waffle is $12.50 vs. $11.98 for a strawberry and cream waffle with 2 strips of bacon. The fresh orange screwdriver, made with Tito’s vodka, is $5 vs. (apparently) N/A at Bread Winners.  

IMG_3824.640x480Shredded pork burrito

Saturday brunch is new at Del Frisco’s Grille, after two years in business at the Uptown location. It comes not a moment too soon. They invited me to a media event to check it out. For now, the crowds are elsewhere (although over half the seats were taken by noon). The clientele are Uptown residents, mainly in their 20s and 30s. The stylish restaurant, with decor and layout updated since its Private Social days, opens to the large patio when the weather permits. Dogs are very welcome on the patio (they get their own water bowls). Inside, the place reverberates to 80s and 90s popular music.

The menu is a collection of the greatest hits of breakfast menus. With words like “benedict”, “chicken-fried” and “waffle” making multiple occurrences. Check out the shredded pork burrito. It is massive. Stuffed to the gills with scrambled egg, jalapeño jack cheese, hash browns, roasted green chilies, tomatoes, chorizo, crema and cojita cheese and topped with shaved lettuce.

IMG_3826.640x480Crab Cake Benedict

The generosity with serving sizes carries over to the crab cake benedict. Notice it sits not on the traditional English muffin but atop a full inch-high slice of focaccia.

IMG_3830.640x480Red Velvet Belgian Waffle

We split the Red Velvet Belgian Waffle with its rich whipped vanilla bean-spiked cream cheese, topped with hearty, thick-cut hickory-smoked bacon. True, it is indulgent but just the thing to prep you for Saturday afternoon activity (maybe a snooze?).



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3 responses to “Saturday Brunch Starts at Del Frisco’s Grille in Uptown

  1. slade

    I love and miss the uptown grille; luckily enough I get to frequent the one in Southlake often

  2. Bill

    I like how you compared the pricing. Most would thing Del’s Grille would be much more $

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