What Does A Billion Dollar Burger Taste Like?

DSC03510by Steven Doyle

Brooke Egger is on the last leg of her tenure at Kitchen LTO. LTO is the quirky restaurant that changes chefs and concepts every four months, which is decided on by the public via and online voting system.The Trinity Groves restaurant is on its third chef, and the model seems to be working out very well. Each chef has been endeared with a public that enjoys their restaurants squeaky new. Egger comes to us from Santa Barbara, California and has a penchant for meat. She comes from a storied history of butchers, which fits well within the Dallas dining model.  


When I first met Egger we discussed her cuisine in great detail, and each story kept circling back to this fantastic burger she concocted. The basic story goes that a well to do gentlemen said he wanted a burger to be made for him, with all the stops pulled, and money was no object. She made for him a “million dollar burger”. It was actually a slider, and he ate an excessive amount of the things, afterwards saying it was in actuality a BILLION dollar burger. That is the same burger she has on her LTO menu today. And it is delicious.

The burger is made of Brooke’s Burger Mix, Slaw, Vital Farms Egg, Salted Brioche and Gjetost Cheese. The addition of the Vital Farms egg is an important aspect to the burger. It is so well cooked that the yolk wobbles like a Weeble. This can only be achieved with the very freshest of eggs.


At $14 the burger is far from being a billion dollars, but it is nice to be able to taste a burger so fresh, so purely delicious that it makes a return trip from lunch to dinner actually a proper decision.


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