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Remember the Cute Film Julie & Julia? Behold “& Julia”

Julie-Julia-2009by Steven Doyle

I enjoyed the film Julie & Julia. But it would seem I might be in the minority, or at least as far as the Julie portion of the film is concerned. In a call for more Julia sans the Amy Adams “Julie Powell” scenes, Adam Goldman, the filmmaker, made an hour sliced up version that is just the Julia Child portion of the film. Since the Julia Child scenes never made reference to Powell the editing was not very difficult, and flows seamlessly.

I sent Julie Powell a message asking her thoughts on the new cut and she quickly responded back with, “I totally sympathize with people not liking the Julie character in the movie, I don’t like her much either, but I am still inexplicably hurt by the cavalier nastiness of people.”  

If you are of my mind, you might want to catch the full version on Netlix or Amazon. But if you are wanting to view the “& Julia” one hour film, it is free on Vimeo.

The new edited  version does seem a bit thin without the Julie Powell story mixed in. Regardless of which version you might enjoy more, we can all admit that Meryl Streep aced the send up to Julia.


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