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Five Insanely Good Pies From Unlikely Sources In Dallas

pie1by Steven Doyle

Have that special holiday party to check out and need to bring a sweet bite to share? We have a fine line up of freshly made treats from places that you may not have thought of. There are some lovely bakeries in the Dallas area, like Village Baking Company, Tart Bakery on Lovers Lane, Rush Patisserie in Oak Cliff, and the beloved Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth all come quickly to mind. But how about a few alternative spots where you won’t necessarily be busted for bringing something purchased that won’t be recognized, or even duplicated.

Here is our fun list that will keep your poor baking skills on the down low, and make you the type of guest that will be invited back really soon. Notice all of these restaurants require at least a 24-hour notice unless otherwise noted.  

The butterscotch pie at Bowl and Barrel is superb. I bet you question our rationale of buying a whole pie at a bowling alley, but heavenly angels speak about this particular pie. Call ahead for a super sweet deal of only 14.95 for a whole pie this holiday season.

In the West Village Malai Kitchen is offering a tasty deal. Thirty-five dollars gets you a whole coconut pie which includes sides of tamarind caramel sauce and coconut gelato. Some time ago we shared how to make the pie (recipe here), but who wants to bother with that mess when you merely need to reserve your pie and stop by to grab the tin?  While you are there you can nab a great lunch or dinner, or settle in for a cocktail after work.

El Fenix has that crazy good Lemon Ice Box Pie for 19.99.  This one requires a 24-hour notice, and pie orders must be picked up by Christmas Eve.

Paciugo makes some pretty wonderful gelato, and this season hey are offering up gelato pies for all your holiday huzzahs. We checked around and only found them offered at the West Village location and they say you need to give them 48-hours notice. But the pies only cost 24.95 and you can get them in a variety of holiday flavors such as spiced pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan praline, coconut creme or create your own. Order right away and they will give you a nice gift of a five dollar gift card for thinking of them. (214) 219-2665

The pies at Smoke are some of the best you will find in Dallas

Smoke has the most extravagant deal going at 50.00, but it is oh so worth it, and you will agree once you savor a bite of their Mescal and Key Lime Pie. It has always topped our list as a true Dallas original, and one of our favorites. It is big enough to feed plenty of friends and family, and comes in a returnable pie plate that requires a deposit (you know, for that baked from scratch look).

Bonus Pie: We always enjoy the fried pies at fried pies at The Original Fried Pie Shop located inside Bakers Ribs. Plenty of flavors to choose from, including some savory selections. These are the same made-from-scratch babies that you get while driving through Davis, Oklahoma just across the Red River.

Do you have an oddball pie spot that you wish to share? Just for the fun of it, we added our favorite movie clip that involves pie. Wait until after lunch to watch.


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