Balls Hamburgers Closed

balls1by Steven Doyle

Balls Hamburgers at 4343 Northwest Highway has shuttered, marking the final blow to the long-standing local chain of burger restaurants. The founder of Ball’s, Richard Hobrecht (who passed away in 2009, opened his first location in Snider Plaza, but that closed in 2008 when the lease was lost. The Northwest Highway location succumbed to the same fate, but not without a fight.

In 2013 current owner Carol Hobrecht sued for one million dollars, citing problems with an alleged premature new lease that raised the rent by 125 percent, restricted advertising, demanded menu approval, set hours of operation and other grievances.   


We will miss those delicious poppy seed buns, juicy beef patties, and the shrimp tacos served with that crazy good avocado salsa. Word in the shopping center is that it will soon become a bar and grill.



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3 responses to “Balls Hamburgers Closed

  1. Elizabeth Hobrecht

    Thanks for the nice write up Steven.

    • Laurie Murphy

      This news breaks my heart! My uncle Kevin used to work there and when I visited him from New England that was always my first choice for food!!! The burgers were out of this world and I have not had a burger as good as yours!

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