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FulHum Water Now Available At Central Market

fulhumLocal brand FulHum and Austin bred Central Market are kicking off January with a great way to get a healthier YOU and get an amazing deal at the same time.

What is FulHum and what does that name mean? Well it stands for “Fulvic and Humic” compounds, the main natural components of their 100% natural, +9pH Alkaline mineral-enriched bottled water. FulHum’s proprietary formula is different from other mineral waters because it; detoxifies free radicals, eliminates harmful pathogens, and improves nutrient absorption all while delivering up to 77 minerals that are hard to come by in our daily diets.  EarthWater products were created by nature over millions of years by the action of microbes that break down dead vegetation. It is a natural distillation of nutrients that contain basic building blocks for plant and animal health. Majority of illness comes from compromised immune systems. “Fulvic & Humic” compounds are one of the few organic minerals that assist in rebuilding immunity.

Fulvic is nature’s most powerful electrolyte. It has been credited with building healthy cells and strong immune systems and has been described by them as the most powerful antioxidant known. They claim it gives both positive and negative charges to stabilize oxidants. Our formula is reputed by independent research to delivers organic, ionic minerals, enzymes and oxygen in perfect balance to all cells ensuring full oxygenation and mineralization. It has been said by athletes that it increases exercise endurance and promotes shorter recovery times.

You can find FulHum at central Markets in the DFW area. There ill be a buy one get one free promotion starting January 7th through January 20th. Sampling will be available during the promotion at Central Market, Friday through Sunday during the promotional period.

According to third party scientific reports Fulvic & Humic compounds have been known to help:

• Increase Metabolism          • Enzyme Activity

• Blood Oxygenation              • Nutrient Absorption

• Rejuvenate Cells                   • Balance pH Levels

• Boost Immunity                     • Detoxification

• Scavenge Free Radicals       • Remove Heavy Metals

• Boost Energy Levels             • Improve & Sustain Health


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