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Remedy Now Open For Lunch


Remedy, a neighborhood restaurant/bar created by Elias Pope that recently opened for dinner-only on Friday, January 2nd, is adding lunch service beginning today.  Lunch will be served daily from 11am to 2:30pm, with an abbreviated afternoon menu served from 2:30pm – 5:30pm.  Pope says, “ “The lunch menu came first when we were developing the concept. We knew right off the bat that we wanted lunch to feel very different than dinner. We also wanted to serve a simple killer brunch everyday. We focused on everything from the soundtrack, the lighting, to the placemat menus and the way the bar was designed to achieve our goal.

”Pope continues, “At Remedy, we believe in bringing old school hospitality back to life. Beginning as early as the 1600s, medicine men and alchemists in the United States looked to natural sparkling water to cure illness “Health by Soda”. After the civil war people began to open soda fountains, where pharmacists would dispense your medicine in soda waters flavored with syrups to make them more palatable. During prohibition, people turned from the saloon to the soda fountain. Though people initially visited soda fountains as a remedy to what ailed them, they stayed for the company.  Soda Fountains are the first completely American dining experience, a community where men, women, and children all felt welcomed. It was here they sought and often found the remedy they were seeking, whether it was a thoughtfully crafted soda, an inventive ice cream sundae, or a friend to laugh with.  Remedy is our modern version of that tradition.”

Inspired by The Dispenser’s Formulary which was a practical handbook written for soda fountain operators compiled by the editors of Soda Fountain Magazine in 1915; the Remedy team has worked to produce the freshest, most inventive and delicious sodas, cocktails, ice cream sundaes, classic American cuisine and pies.  Pope continues, “We have been working diligently to create an experience that puts as much weight into the ingredients in the glass as we do the ingredients on the plate.”

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