Vertskebap Opening in Preston Hollow Village


The Austin-based kebap chain, Vertskebap, will open its latest restaurant in Dallas proper in Preston Hollow Village tomorrow with a grand opening event Saturday, January 31st featuring one free full sized entrée per guest, so Dallas area residents can try the unique food concept risk free.

“We are very excited to introduce our authentic kebaps to the Dallas market,” says co-CEO, Michael Heyne. “Dallas is the place to be for modern upbeat food concepts. Almost all successful new food concepts are in the market. If we can become successful in Dallas, we will be able to take our concept elsewhere in the U.S.”  

Vertskebap will continue their expansion into 2015.

A kebap is best described as a panini pressed sandwich filled with vertically roasted meats, topped with fresh vegetables, and finished off with yogurt-based sauces. A visionary for food trends, Vertskebap focuses on using high-quality, fresh ingredients to deliver a healthy product with less than 550 calories. The kebap is one of the most popular street foods across Europe and Vertskepab is one of the first fast-casual restaurant chains to bring this authentic fare to the United States.


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