Bijoux Meets its Waterloo: Closing in February


Bijoux, one of the few restaurants in Dallas to earn “five stars” twice, and one of the “10 Hottest New Restaurants in America” by Bon Appétit (2007) will be dishing a final bow on February 28.

Scott and Gina Gottlich, Bijoux’s chef/sommelier ownership duo, have decided to close after eight and a half successful years in business. “Bijoux’s run has exceeded all of our expectations and wildest dreams. We feel now is the right time to close, on a high note, so we can stay focused on our other restaurant, The Second Floor at the Westin Galleria, and take time consider future projects,” said Scott Gottlich.  

The Gottliches have always put their guests first and this time is no exception. They are staying open for one more month to allow time for guests to make their final reservations and redeem any outstanding gift certificates. And, since Bijoux has long been revered as one of the city’s most romantic dining rooms which has played witness to countless proposals, anniversaries and wedding celebrations, it is no accident that Scott and Gina are making February their final month. “Valentine’s Day has always been one of our busiest and most special days, so it’s important that we give our guests one more romantic dinner at Bijoux,” said Gina Gottlich.

Guests can expect to see a lot of the Gottliches at Bijoux in these final days, with Chef Gottlich taking his signature spin around the room to greet his guests while Gina pours her brilliant wine pairings and lends her passionate knowledge. Fans will continue to see their blended prowess at The Second Floor, at their annual Bonne Santé Food and Wine Showcase and can look forward to future projects that will no doubt impress as much as Bijoux ever did.

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