Eat This Burger: Scotch and Sausage

DSC06582by Steven Doyle

I have always thought Scotch and Sausage was really good. The menu offers 15 varieties of local and house-made sausage sandwiches (including several vegan, pork free and gluten free options) featuring beef, chicken, venison, quail, antelope, rabbit and more, and all sausages are priced $8 and below. They are all-natural, small batch production with no by products.

When Scotch and Sausage first opened they kept very late hours,, weekends until 4am.  Since then then have settled for midnight during the week, and 2am on weekends. The restaurant has been wildly successful since opening in July of 2014, but has since had a chef change. Chef Joey Allette took over the kitchen and has since made a few key changes which greatly improved the menu, including adding a burger and vastly improved their Scotch eggs. The original egg had a sweet outer crust, and the new version lacks that cloying quality. He also switched the sausage that wrapped the soft centered egg with a more savory Italian sausage he makes himself. With these small changes he decided to do a brunch menu.  



The burger that chef Allette makes is fairly simple, but extremely quality. There are tow patties made of 50-50 Angus beef and brisket, shaved shallots, American cheese, on a pain de mie bun. There are a few housemade spicy pickles and a sauce made of spicy brown mustard and organic local honey. No lettuce, no tomato, and don’t ask for these either – you won’t get ’em. The burger is seriously complex in flavor and Allette says it stands on its own. The beef is about as tender and juicy as a burger could possibly be. This is one meaty burger that needs to be on everyone’s burger bucket list, to be sure. Go for brunch Friday through Sunday from 11am to 3pm and they will top the burger with a fried egg for added goodness.


While we were sapling our foray of burgers and sausages on the most recent visit we also spotted a new dessert item. Yes, you will want the house-made pretzel with its sweet drizzle of icing. Oh, and they have Scotch. Lots of Scotch.

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