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ZaLat Soft Opens Tuesday, Feb 17 at 5pm

DSC06652by Steven Doyle

Khanh Nugyen at DaLat just messaged that he plans to open ZaLat tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th at 5pm. It is a true soft opening and he will have limited amount of pizzas for at least two weeks before grand opening is announced.  

Opening pizzas will include cheese, pepperoni, Margherita, Meat Pie, the Zealot (supreme), Reuben and the Thai Pie pie which is an homage to DaLat’s Vietnamese Shooters. He will also be serving a pie named for craveDFW called… well, the Crave which has pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onion and black pepper. You can also make your own pizza based on ingredients available.

There are a few seats in the small space but those are currently reserved for delivery drivers. Khanh says that you may take your pizza next door to DaLat for now where he has a full bar. Otherwise it will be carry out or delivery within five miles using Web Meals Delivery (WMD). To order a pizza text Khanh at 469-573-2007.

Order early as the dough is limited to 50 pies per day for at least two weeks during soft opening phase. Read more about ZaLat on craveDFW.

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