Eat Me: Perry’s Massive Chop

perrysby Steven Doyle

It is a massive haunch of pork, cooked with perfection and carved elegantly table-side. Table-side service seems to be a lost art form, and I would personally like to see this more of a trend in coming years. Consider a flaming crepe with its delightful bit of pageantry that should be experienced at least once in a life time and not merely relegated to film of a forgotten past. That said, the Perry’s Steakhouse chop is that bit of a throwback. We provide a video below for your consideration.   

The chop is definitely over-the-top, and could conceivably be enjoyed by several large humans, but the treat makes for an excellent second meal, leaving room for other dinner options such as the fried asparagus topped with large lump crab, or the escargot (another lost dinner option).

The chop is admirably affordable at 37.95 for dinner, but then you have a slightly smaller cut for lunch on Fridays which is offered for a mere 13.95.  This will also make for two very delicious meals if eaten with a bit of caution.


By the way, the flaming desserts? Perry’s does have those as well. Our choice of the three would be the Mont Blanc a la Frisc, made with vanilla ice cream served on a homemade sponge cake with freshly cut strawberries, topped with a flambéed Belgium white chocolate sauce prepared table-side with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Perry’s definitely provides a bit of nostalgia.



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3 responses to “Eat Me: Perry’s Massive Chop

  1. Bill

    One of the best deal/meals in town.

  2. Toan

    Be sure to make a reservation cause they are PACKED for that deal. And of course, ask for extra applesauce.

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