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Eat Me: Orange Glazed Duck Drumettes at Blind Butcher

duckby Steven Doyle

It was just weeks ago that we were extolling the virtues of Blind Butcher’s  executive chef Oliver Sitrin and his Tripe and Tails dish. It is always good to stop by his deli case pass through for a brief visit to see what he has cooking up that particular day. Last night he suggested the boudin, which was hella good. He hand makes his sausages, as a good chef should, and gives it the grilled treatment.

The sausage was served up with some terrific greens laden with shards of subcutaneous fatty bacon. I am sure the chef calls the bacon ‘lardon’, because it is so much more of a refined way of saying bacon chunks.  

The Loverly Boudin

However, looking up at the chalkboard where you will find a list of rotating brews, you will also see a the specials Sitrin has planned for that particular evening. Then I saw it: orange glazed duck drumettes. I had to have them, and was willing to share with a friend as not to look all piggy-like.

The duck were about double in  length than a chicken wing drumette. The meat was ever so tender and relenting, with a snazzy dark meat duck flavor. The glaze was sticky and slightly sweet, and washed well with a Community Mosaic, this beautiful locally brewed IPA. The drums were served on top of a bed of house-made potato chips, better for your snacking pleasure.

Blind Butcher deserves to be put in permanent rotation, if it is not already. It is also good to have the barmen in on your favorite pours, and anticipate your thirst. And always stop by and pay respects to the butcher behind that deli case.

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