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The Midnight Rambler Psychedelic Experience

DSC07121by Steven Doyle

When seeking out a fantastic cocktail look no further than the subterranean bar just below the Joule in Dallas, the Midnight Rambler. Here you will find some unusual, albeit pretty terrific cocktails waiting your perusal. Cocktails with difficult names and unusual ingredients that will not only tantalize, but intrigue.

Consider the Night Marcher with Blanc Agricole Rhum, Green Chartreuse, 151 Demerara Rum, Ginger, Lime, Angostura Bitters, Exotic Spices, Nutmeg, Jasmine, and Aromatic Essence. Anything with a Green Charteuse will surely inspire.   

Last evening I enjoyed one called the Psychedelic Sound of the Improved Bergamot Sour. This name was so unusual that it proved difficult even for those adept enough to actually make the drink. Perhaps the name is meant to be a testing ground for those that may have had one too many. Regardless, this was was delicious cocktail made with Earl Grey infused Tanqueray, Maraschino, Cointreau, Absinthe, Lemon, Mineral Simple Syrup, Egg White and Bergamot Essence. Bergamot is a fruit that is the size of an orange, but the color of a lemon. It’s essence is used in perfumes, and used to flavor Earl Grey tea. It is also used as a marmalade in Italy.  You can see where they were going with this bit of essence.

The drink was, as we often account, slurpy good and meant to savor. While at the Midnight Rambler you may want to select from a limited menu offering of food from CBD Provisions located directly above the bar. Last evening were were able to taste these marvelous pig tails that were a bit salty, a bit crunchy and every bit delicious. Unfortunately for us all this item will no longer be available as it is being replaced today. We were told the dish will make an occasional reprise, so go ahead and attempt to order the pig tails. If you have not actually devoured the tails, they are meaty and eat much like a large chicken wing, with a delicate porky flavor.

If ordering the tails proves unsuccessful, try out another of our favorites – the tiny goat pies.

Regardless, make your way to the Midnight Rambler for the Psychedelic Sound of the Improved Bergamot Sour. Just tell them you want to try the Psychedelic cocktail. They will understand.

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