9 Food Scenes We Love

Annie-Hall-Lobstersby Steven Doyle

Television and the movies often rely on familiar subjects to engage the viewer, and certainly food has historically been a large part of that device. From the very beginning of movie history with Charlie Chaplin doing his table ballet in Gold Rush, to the many films produced in recent history such as Danish film Babette’s Feast, Chocolat, or the very erotic Nine and a 1/2

Below we share clips from several television programs and films that feature a memorable food scene There are actually many more that come to mind and we will most likely do a part two in the near future. You can share your favorites with us for a fun afternoon.

Charlie Chaplin won our hearts in this iconic bread buster scene in The Gold Rush where our lone prospector entertains some saloon girls with a pair of forks and two pieces of  bread, and this bit of cinema history.

Who could forget Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces where he tries to order a slice of toast?

The Goodfellas prison scene where they are making dinner and Pauly slices his garlic so thin that it melts in the oil. Nice case of lobsters, too.

On the small screen Saturday Night Live often does some terrific spoofs on commercials such as the famous Bass-O-Matic. Watch this famous scene with Dan Aykroyd portraying Julia Child. It has been reported she loved this clip.

Portlandia is often taking digs at foodies, and in this scene they question the origins of the chicken they are about to order.

Another food genius is Ron Swanson who likes all things meat.

We love Pinkman and are fairly certain that his regular diet consisted of Los Pollos Hermanos. And meth.

In the new Netflix series Orange is the New Black there is an episode where a legendary chicken was hunted for its strength, and it also would make a wonderful Kiev.

There is no greater diner than Homer Simpson.

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