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Revolver Taco Closing, Possible Relocation

revolver1by Steven Doyle

Fort Worth’s Revolver Taco, considered one of the best tacos in that area, will be shuttering and looking for a new location very soon. The dispute is over the building which has previously been leased. Revolver Taco was offered the opportunity to purchase the building, but instead declined. We have the message below that was released just moments ago on Facebook:  

Dear Amigos, we would like to inform you we will not be renewing our lease at the 2822 W. 7th Street location. Our lease ends June 30, 2015. Our landlord decided to sell the building without giving us an opportunity to buy the property. We all know W. 7th has changed dramatically during the course of these years and in a way we are happy to be part of it but we will not be part of the corporate monopoly money creates. We will not stay in an area where money will force you to eat what they want, drink what they want, we were not raised like that. We know this side of the street has been neglected by city officials because they have other plans for the area and those plans are all about money and not about the community. We love the people and we thank the people of Fort Worth for all the support. In the meantime come and enjoy Revolver, we have till the end of June to have fun at this location.

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